Scale-Up NZ Data

Investment Insights

Using data on the Scale-Up NZ platform, we’ve mapped investment partnerships in New Zealand’s innovation community.

Use our investment insights tool to explore individual businesses, find in-depth background through their linked Scale-Up NZ profiles, gain a snapshot of investment activity we've mapped in the innovation community, and discover the types of enterprises attracting investors.

Our data maps are continually evolving and upgrading, and we welcome data contributions from businesses and investors, to help us provide rich and valuable insights.

How to use Investment Insights map features


Chart Filter control

To explore investment deals in more detail, you can apply one or more of the filters to refine the results, and focus on specific investment types, or discover which geographical region or sector a business is in.

Focus feature

Chart Focus button

The ‘focus’ feature enables businesses to view more detail about specific connections. Click on any element – either a business or an investor – click the ‘focus’ button on the right, and then use the arrows to navigate the layers of connection.

To return to the original view, just click on the focus button, again.

Search function

Chart Search input

Use the search function to look up any business or investor, by name. Click on the focus button to return to the original view.

Keyboard shortcuts

If at any point the connection display has become too convoluted, just press the ‘O’ key to automatically space elements out. Find a full list of keyboard shortcuts here.

I know an investor/business on Scale-Up NZ, why can't I see them?

Businesses and investors that don’t currently have any investment partnerships recorded on the platform are hidden from view. Please let us know if you have more recent information on an investor or business, as our aim is to provide the most up-to-date data and insights possible!

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